Why you are not making sales

Why you are not making sales

Can you think of phone call you had where someone on the other side tried to sell something to you? Did you buy into the deal they offered? If yes, then I think you can agree it was not something you were shopping around for or even something you needed. That, my friend, was a born sales person who didn’t take no for answer.

Think about it. That sales person persuaded you into buying their product or service and it worked. That is how easy it is to make a sale.

Why do most people fail when it comes to sales then? It comes down to:

  1. fear of looking or sounding silly
  2. fear of being a bother
  3. fear of asking their worth
  4. fear of rejection

Sales is a skill that can be learned and you can overcome fear by facing your fears.


Don’t be afraid that you will look silly or be a bother. People will buy your product or service when they see your passion and dedication as well as the value you add to their lives by something they didn’t even know they needed. The only fear you should have, is the fear of being in the same place in a year’s time because you didn’t make that sale

Hustle on!

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